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Anonymously counting the anonymous Bluetooth COVID-19 contact tracing app near a busy roundabout in Amsterdam

Oct 25, 2020 | Covidshit, Internet, LORA

Knowing how many people in the area have the Covid-19 contact tracing app installed

So I got distracted again. That post about ADSB is going to be delayed a bit.

In the past I was already fascinated by a project that allows to collect anonymised data about the amount of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices in range. You know, wireless headsets, smartphones, those kind. All GDPR-safe but ultimately boring. If I want to know how busy it is I can also look out of the window. But recently the project got a VERY interesting addition: It can identify a Covid-19 tracer app by it’s digital signature! Now I will be able to create a graph of total devices observed vs devices that have the Covid tracer app installed.


Well seriously, aren’t you just even a little bit curious about this?
And because the project does not collect ANY data that can be traced back to a device like a mac address or anything like ghat this is anonymous tracking of an anonymous app that is promising everybody that we are truly anonymous.


Here we go

Bluetooth devices in Amsterdam 1059 with the Covid contact tracer installed

Updates every minute.

Where is it?

Aalsmeerplein, Amsterdam 1059

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