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The Cloud

Jul 14, 2019 | Internet

There is no cloud, it’s just someone else’s computer

This catchphrase is becoming more popular lately. Why? Because it’s not just about storing your data in Dropbox, or handing over all your images to Google for the convenience of it.
Need I still remind you of this and this?

People are returning to personal websites and private servers for several reasons. Let me give you a few:

Timeline manipulation

Facebook decides what you need to see and when. Instagram same thing. Twitter now has a feature where you can undo this but that setting magically flips back after a while.

The sprinkler system

Grumpy old geeks

What if Facebook or Youtube or wherever you are currently putting your stuff suddenly decide that you violate their terms of service or simply change their mind and delete your account (ok well, set it to invisible).

Then what?

My favorite podcasters have this to say about it:

If you build your business on someone else’s lawn, don’t be surprised if they turn on the sprinklers

The grumpy old geeks

Go check them out here.

Works with Nest – not

…. as a service. Until you stop paying the subscription, the service changes it’s mission or just disappears.

Still here?

So I have this blog here that nobody reads or cares about but at least I can find my own stuff back and I know that if I don’t suffer another server crash or get fed up and delete it again, it will still be present and in the same place where I put it.

See you later 🙂
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