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The new version of the E6B Flight Computer Teacher is coming for iOS – and how I crashed my M1 Mac

Jan 3, 2021 | Airplanes, Internet

The long overdue version for IOS14

In 2008 or so I built my first version of the E6B teacher app. Back then I was really into Flash action script with adobe Air so I could build cross-platform.

After that several copies appeared in the app store but all the only thing they can still do is to impersonate an E6B. Not very impressive.

My app stopped being available for new downloads because I did not update it past IOS11. Time to change that.

Learning how to code in SwiftUI for IO14

This time I’m taking Xcode 12 with SwiftUI to build extra sweet native code. The learning curve is steep but inital results are here.

I made my M1 Macbook Air run out of resources in the process

It turns out it is possible to bring the new Macbook Air M1 to its knees.

I feel a bit like that guy from this old youtube video who crashed the Internet.

Putting too much strain on the M1 Mac – Running out of resources

I like to compartment my browsing so next to about 18 open Safari windows I opened A few tabs in Firefox and also some in Brave browser.

Then I ran Xcode 12.3 and edited my images in Pixelmator pro.

I still have Microsoft Visual Studio Code open in the background for an experiment in Docker and obviously there was mail from Apple Mail and Spark.

Radio Paradise was streaming in the background and I alsways have Lastpass and Whatsapp for Mac running.

Some stuff was still displayed in Preview and the Finder had about 8 active windows.

Then I ran the iPad simulator in Xcode and this proved to be too much for my poor Mac.

The amount of open files was now too much for the M1 too handle. Xcode failed to run the simulator stating that it ran out of resources. The fact that I had run out of memory made things worse. The entire system started to freeze. My free disk space was at only 10GB and all I could do now was force a reboot, close apps and run Disk Inventory X to free up some space.

It has been ok now for a day as long as I do not open 3 browsers, Xcode and Pixelmator at the same time the simulator will run apart from the occasional need to restart Xcode 🙂



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