The new version of the E6B Flight Computer Teacher is here for iOS

The long overdue version for IOS14

In 2008 or so I built my first version of the E6B teacher app. Back then I was really into Flash action script with adobe Air so I could build cross-platform.

That design looks awkwardly outdated so I am now very happy to be able to say that there is an updated version in the Apple app store! It is built in native code for the iPhone and iPad and adjusts to all screen sizes and orientations.

This is much more than a fresh coat of paint. I started with the conversion side so if you downloaded this app earlier you will see that the wind side is missing.

Not to worry though.

The wind side will return in a future update!

Now that the new version is live I will start working on the wind side. Keep an eye out for updates.


I created a feedback form that you can use to get in touch with me. You are welcome to post any issues or feature requests.

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